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Thank you for choosing Safty's tire pressure monitoring products. Our products in the factory have to undergo a rigorous functional testing and aging tests to ensure delivery to customers of every product is excellent high-quality products. The testing process strictly follows TUV, CE and other international or national standards, and has been recognized by the relevant agencies. All Safty tire pressure monitoring products users can enjoy our free replacement products and services, which are limited to two months from the date of purchase, for one year warranty.

Provisions on after - sales service management
The basic principles: a comprehensive after-sales service strategy as a guide, to provide customers with the whole process of product quality and efficient after-sales service, the maximum range to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness.
First, the product returns:
Products from the date of purchase within 7 days, under normal use in case of failure, identified as the quality of the product itself, the annex complete, packaging intact, the appearance of no scratches, free returns.
Second, the product replacement:
This product from the date of purchase within 2 months, the test itself is indeed the quality of the product, will be free to replace the same model products. The appearance of significant damage to the product only to provide warranty service, replacement terms invalid. The transportation and packing costs shall be borne by the user during the replacement period.
Third, product warranty:
The first: the product host from the date of purchase within 12 months of free warranty, other accessories from the date of purchase of products within three months of free warranty.
Article II: Warranty period, the repair products and accessories, customers are not charged (except Article 5), all the repairs to replace the parts / circuit boards are recovered by the Company.
Third: the same fault again repairs, the machine extended warranty for two months time.
Article 4: During the warranty period, the customer will pay for the transportation, delivery and other expenses incurred during the process of repairing and testing the products or accessories. The Company will promptly return the maintenance machine to the customer after repair.
Article V: The following circumstances, our products and accessories do not provide free warranty service:
1, the product host or parts have been non-normal use or misuse, not authorized by the Division I disassemble behavior, improper installation of the damage caused;
2, the host machine warranty label or fragile paper rupture;
3, the product host and non-equivalent equipment connected to cause damage to the machine;
4, the power is reversed, the voltage is too high, or other human damage;
5, the structure does not belong to the scope of warranty, such as rupture and so on;
6, damage caused by force majeure;
Article VI in the warranty period, such as product failure, is a component of quality or manufacturing due to the Company to provide spare parts free repair; after the expiration of the warranty period, the user can still enjoy the maintenance service provided by the company, but the user must pay The corresponding maintenance costs.

Product after-sales service guarantee

First, the warranty
⑴. All customers return to my company's warranty products I promise to receive the product within seven working days after the machine is completed and shipped.
⑵. Any special reason to deal with the delay caused by the machine, the company will receive the product within three working days to inform the customer and determine the processing time and results.
⑶. Return the number of machines in the 10 or less within my company will be within one working day of the machine inventory report fax to the customer. More than ten units will be completed within one and a half working days or more.
Second, the renovation
⑴. All customers need to refurbish our products return Our commitment to receive the product within 10 working days after the machine is finished and shipped.
⑵. Any special reason to deal with the delay caused by the machine, the company will receive the product within three working days to inform the customer and determine the processing time and results.
Third, the agent responsibility
A) the agent received a fax of our product inventory and timely check the return post-return (one working day to complete).
B) We will follow the principle of "What to come and what to return" for the attachment of the repairing machine. Customers need to update or reprovision the annex will be required to pay the cost of my company.
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