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TPMS V7.02.003.EN-Upgrade announcemnet

1. Added OBD learning for Audi A8, Q7, R8 and TT RS

2. Added OBD learning function for Citroen C6 and DS4

3. Added OBD learning for Opel/Vauxhall Movano Combi and Ceferi

4. Added OBD learning functions for Volkswagen Amarok, Caddy, EOS, Golf, Passat CC and Tiguan

5. Added OBD learning function for Infiniti QX60 and QX80

6. Added OBD learning function for Mitsubishi Jindazzled and Mirage G4

7. Added OBD learning function of CHITU

8. Added OBD learning function of Reading Mango

9. Added OBD learning function of Cyris Cyris 3

10. Added OBD learning function of BYD E5

11. Added the OBD learning function of Trumpchi (EA6), optimized the OBD learning process of Trumpchi series models

12. Added OBD learning function of Bao Junyue

13. Optimize Toyota's OBD learning process

14. Optimize Honda's data flow algorithm

15. Repair the OBD learning failure defect of BAIC EU5 and EU5 PLUS, and the diagnostic communication failure defect of BAIC Rubik's Cube

16. Fixed the OBD learning failure defect of Jianghuai Ruifeng S4

17. Fix the Polar Fox diagnostic communication failure flaw

18. Optimize the intelligent positioning of GM series, Ford and BYD

19. Optimize the static learning process of Chevrolet, Jeep, Dongfeng Fengshen, Beiqi Foton, and add sensor programming tips

1. Added support for tire pressure maintenance of the following models:

GMC: Canyon (13556202), Syrah (2024)

Smart(Sprite) : #3(2024)

Alfa Romeo: Tonale(2024)

Audi: A3(2024), A6(2024), A7(2024), A8(2024), e-tron GT(2024), Q7(2024), Q8(2024), RS Q3(2024), RS Q8(2024), RS3(2024), RS5(2024), RS6(2024), RS7(2024), S3(2024), S6(2024), S8(2024), TT RS(2024), R8(2024), A6L(5Q0907275)

BMW: X5(2024), 1 Series (36106887147/6887140)

Porsche: Cayenne (2024), Manca (2024), Panamera (2024), Taycan(2024)

Beiqi Weiwang: S50(TP3040001)

Baic New Energy: EU7(3666200U3400)

Mercedes: E-Class (2024), S-Class (2024)

Honda: Pilot (2024)

Byd: Qin EV(SC3609200B), Song L(2024), Song PLUS DM-i(SA3HE3609200B)

Buick: Electra E5(2024), Enclave Banner (2024), Enclave (2024), Envision (2024), GL8(2024), Lacrosse (13522629), Lacrosse (2024), Kastelda (13598772), Regal GS(2024), Wei lang (26689967/26219828), GS (13598772/13522630), wei lang lang GS (12768826/20922900/22854866), enclave wei (13598773), the enclave (20923680).

Bentley: Tim Yue (2024)

Trumpchi: ix4 EV(8060004BAD0000)

Public: Amarok(2024), Arteon(2024), Kai Tu (2024), Passat (2024), Hui Ang (2024), Tanyue X(2024), Tiguan (2024), Tiguan L(2024), Touareg (2024), Touran (2024), Carrier (2024), VARIANT (2024)

East Wind prevails: M7(2024)

Dongfeng Wind God (DFPV) : AX7(2024)

Dongfeng Xiaokang: Blue Electric E3(2024)

Fiat: 500(2024)

Toyota: Eifang (2024)

Ford: Galloping Horse (81C3A8189CA), Sharp (2024), Ranger (2024)

Gac Ian: Ian S MAX(2024)

Harvard: Harvard Big Dog (2024)

Geely: Bin Rui COOL(2024), Emgrand (2024), Star Rui (2024), Remote FX(2024)

Jeep: Cherokee/Liberty Light (2024), Guide (2024), Liberty (68331239AB)

Jiang Ling: Avenue (LC191A180AA)

Jaguar: I-Pace(GX631A159AA), I-Type(GX631A159AA), XJ(4H231A159CC), XJ(4H231A159AE/4H231A159AC)

Cadillac: ATS-L(13549707), CT4(2024), CT5(2024), CT6(2024), GT4(2024), Lyriq (2024), Saiv (SLS)(13598771), XT4(2024), ATS-L(13598773), CT5(13581558), CTS(13516164), CTS(13589597), SRX(13598772/13522630), XT6(2024)

Chrysler: Luxury Navigator (2024)

Ideal: ONE(X0137000023)

Lincoln: MKC(F2GZ1A189B), Aviator (2024)

Land Rover: LR4(4H231A159CC), Vaster (GX631A159AA), Range Rover Evoque (GX631A159AA)

Mazda: CX-4(BDMC37140), CX-90(2024)

Maserati: Geberit (2024), Grecale(2024), Levante (2024)

Nezha: GT(2024), X(2024)

Kia: Sporty/Smart/Sporty (2024), Telluride(2024), K3S(2024)

Nissan: Qashqai (2024), Sylvan (2024)

Saic Maxus: EG10(H5511E4), EV80(GC91B50)

Denza: D9(2024), N7(2024)

Nio: EC7(P0217057AB), ET5T(2024)

Volvo: EX30(2024)

Wuling: S3(FS43X0L7)

Isuzu: D-Max(2024), Suitake (2024)

Modern: i30(52933562C6)

Chevrolet: Colorado (13522629), Explorer (13540607), Sail (26689967), Tracker (2024), SSR Sedan (13581559), Volando (13598772), Volando (22854866), Corvette (13598772/13522630), Corvette (22854866)

Iveco: Daily(2024)

Faw Red Flag: HS5(2024)

Changan: HONOR S(3601010MK01), Qiyuan A05(3601010MK02), CS35 PLUS(2024), CS15 EV(3601010M01AA)

The Great Wall: Tank 400 Hi4-T(2024), Euler Ballet Cat (2024), Latte (2024), Euroshield Cat (3641100BKR02A)

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