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What should I pay attention to to inflate the car tires?

1, inflatable to pay attention to safety. At any time with barometer check pressure, so as to avoid inflating too much, so that the tire burst. To replace the new content of tires nitrogen = comfort + fuel to the owners Weapon: buy "low carbon" tires
2, to stop driving, to be after the tire cooling and then inflation, due to vehicle driving tire temperature will rise, the impact on air pressure.
3, check the valve. Valve and valve core if the match is not flat, there are protruding concave phenomenon and other defects, are not easy to inflate and the amount of pressure.
4, to pay attention to clean air. The air can not be filled with water and oil, to prevent deterioration of inner tube rubber deterioration.
5, inflation should not exceed the standard air pressure after the line too much, nor because of long-term can not be inflated after going out too much inflation, such as excessive standards will lead to over-stretched cord, causing its strength decreased impact Tire life.
6, before filling the valve should be wiped the dust on the valve, do not loose the valve core, inflatable after the application of soap soaked in water (or saliva) painted on the valve, check for leaks (if the leak will produce small bubbles) , And the valve cap fitted together tightly to prevent sediment into the internal valve.
7, radial tire inflation, due to structural reasons, the amount of sinking, grounding area are large, often mistakenly believe that the lack of inflation, and too much inflation; or vice versa, because of its sinking and grounding area is already large , But also mistakenly considered sufficient when the air pressure is insufficient. Standard barometers were used for determination. The radial pressure of radial tire should be 0.5-1.5kg / cm2 higher than that of general tires.
8, with the car's barometer or the barometer between the barometer should be used regularly to proofread to ensure accurate air pressure check.
How often does a car tire inflate? This question is not a very standard answer. Recommended car owners a month to check a car tire pressure, tire pressure is not normal once found, it is necessary to adjust tire pressure in time to avoid tire pressure to make up or lead to excessive pressure tire.
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