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TPMS V7.01.003 Upgrade Bulletin --PS100 tool

1. Added OBD learning function of Beijing Auto Rubik's Cube and Jitu Dashen i-DM
2. Added OBD learning function for Toyota Grevia and Subaru Solterra
3. Added OBD learning function of Ford EVOS, Frontier
4. Added the OBD learning function of Geely Yinglun Diamond and Xingyue L
5. Added OBD learning function of JAC J7, Jiayue A5, Jiayue X4, Jiayue X7, JS4, Ruifeng M4, Ruifeng M6, Ruifeng S7, Sihao Flower Fairy, Sehol (Sehol)E50A, Sihao X8, and Xingrui
6. Added OBD learning function for Suzuki Across, Carry Van, Swace and Vetra Hybrid
7. Added OBD learning function of Chery Ariza 8 and Tigo 9
8. Added OBD learning function of Kia Chollima and Shure
9. Added OBD learning function of Seres SF5
10. Added OBD learning function for Hyundai Avante, Genesis G80 EV, Genesis GV70 EV, Genesis GV70 EV, Grand i10, Gulander, i20, Sundar, and Starres
11. Added EXEED TX OBD learning function
12. Added the OBD learning function of Changan Deep Blue S7, Deep Blue SL03, Suntop, Auchan X7 PLUS, Rui Cheng PLUS, Shenqi T30, UNI-V iDD
13. Added OBD learning function of Great Wall Fengjun, Tracker, Wei Pai VV7 GT and Haval H6 Coupe, H6 PHEV, H6S
14. Added OBD learning function of Cadillac ATS-L, Saiwei (SLS) and Dewei
15. Optimize the reading process of Volkswagen series, Hyundai Sonata, Changan UNI-V
16. Optimized the OBD learning process of Geely Boyue Pro, Mitsubishi Iker, Buick Veran Pro, Ford Foris, and BYD Song Pro EV
17. Optimize the OBD learning process of Android tablet series products Haval and the Great Wall
18. Fix an abnormal defect when the BMW series read ID does not match the wheel
19. Fix abnormal defects in the data received when BYD locates the vehicle
20. Fix the defects of garbled characters of individual vehicle names under traditional characters

1. Added support for tire pressure maintenance of the following models:
DR Auto: DR 4(2023)
GMC: Yukon Trailer(2023), Yukon River ALL(2023)
AVATR: Avita 11(2023)
BMW: 5 Series (2023)
Baic New Energy: EH300(TP3040001)
Mercedes-benz: AMG GT(2024), GLE Class(2024)
Byd: Tang (SC3609200B)
Beijing Motor: BJ40 Plus(2024)
Baic Saab: X35(3666200U2235)
Volkswagen: Teramont X(2023), Passat (2023)
Dodger: Feng Zhi (56053030AB/56053030AC), Kai Ling (68078768AA), Challenger SRT(2023), War Horse SRT(2023), Wing Loong (56029359AC), Ram 1000(2023), Ram 1500(2023), Ram 2500(68249197AA)
Dongfeng fengon: E3(2023), 580 Red Star version (3641050FS01), IX5(3641050SA04), MINIEV(2023)
Dongfeng FORTHING: Jingyi X3(BS33685020), Jingyi XV(B123685020), T5 EVO(2024), M7(2024), SX6(J523114013), Joyear X7(J523114013), T7(CM5B3685020)
Dongfeng Fukang: ES500(2023)
DFXH: ims (2023), wind EV (3626020 k56451 k22351/3626020)
Toyota: Camry Hybrid (4260760010)
Ford: Bronco Sport(2023), E Series SD(2023), E Series SD DRW(2023), Yi Bo (2023), Rui Jie (2023), Forus (EV6T1A180DD), Shaker (2023), F Series (GL3T1A180GA), F Series SD(ML3Z1A189D), F Series SD DRW(FR3Z1A189B), Fiesta (9L3Z1A189A/CM5T1A150AA), Flax (BB5Z1A189A), Fox (EV6T1A180CB/EV6T1A150CB/EV6T1A180DB), ST (G1ET1A180DA), fox fusion (F2GZ1A189B), the galaxy (2023), Wing tiger (Kuga) (EV6T1A180CB/EV6T1A150CB/EV6T1A180DB), wild horses (2023), the rover (Ranger) (2023), S - MAX (2023), the Taurus (BB5Z1A189A), transit (2023).
Gac AION: AION S PLUS(2023), AION V(2023)
Haval: Haval Big Dog 2 Generation (2023), H5(2023), Dragon (2023), JF-17 (2023), JF-17 MAX(2023)
Haima: Aishang EV(MA04ME10039B)
Brilliance China: V5(13598772/13522630)
Geely: Vision X6(1017040454), Tugella (6600145881), Rui LAN X3 Pro(2024)
Jeep: Cherokee/Free Light (68001696AA), Guide (2024), Grand Cherokee (68252493AB/68313387AA), Grand Cherokee (56029398AB), Grand Cherokee (56053031AC), Grand Cherokee (68241067AB), Free Passenger (68001698AB), Free Passenger (56029479AB), Wrangler (56029359AC)
Jac: Ruifeng M4(2023)
Jaguar: X-Type(4H231A159AE/4H231A159AC), XF(4H231A159CC)
JETOUR: Tai Sheng PHEV(F113114011)
Cadillac: CTS(13522628), CTS(20922901), CTS(25920615), CTS(20922901), CTS(25774007), Escalade ESV(13516164), Escalade ESV(13581558), XT4(13516165), XT5(2023), ATS(20964159), ATS(20925925)
Kaiwing: X7(2023)
Chrysler: 300(56029400AC/56029400AD), Grand Voyager (2023)
Lincoln: MKC(F2GZ1A189B)
Lexus: RZ Series (2023)
Lynk & Co: 03(2024)
Suzuki: Dzire(4313961M00/4313061M00), Ertiga(4313961M00/4313061M00), Super Carry(2023), Kai Yuet (2023), Vitra Hybrid (4313961M00)
Land Rover: Range Rover Sport (GX631A159AA)
Mazda: BT-50(ZZDA37140), BT-50(BB5T1A180AA/DV6T1A180AA), BT-50(F2GT1A180DB), CX-30(2023), CX-5(2023), CX-50(2023),  CX-90(2023), Mazda6 (2023)
Chery: Boundless Pro(2023)
Nissan: 350Z(40700JA01C), 350Z(40700JA00B/40700JA00C), 370Z(407001AY0A), New Teana (40700JA02B), New Teana Coupe (40700JA02B), New Teana Coupe (407001AA0B), New Teana Coupe (407003AN0A), Amada (40700JA01B), Amada (407001AY02B), Amada (407001AY0A), E-NV200(407004CB0A), Borderman (2023), GT-R(2023), Livina(2023), March(2023), Maxima(407001AY0A), Micra(2023), Navarre (40700EZ00A), NV350(407006WY0B), Pathfinder (407001AY0A), Pathfinder (40700JA01B), Pathfinder (407001AA02B), Pathfinder (407001AA0D), Luxe (40700JA01B), GT-R(40700JA01C), Centra (2023), Tiana (407006WY0B), Versa(2023), Versa Hatchback(407001AA0D), Versa Liwei (407003AN0A), Etsla (40700JA01B), Tesla (40700JA02B), Z(2023)
Mitsubishi: Dazzle (4250B668), Ikris (4250B875), Lanser (4250B668), Mirage (2023), Mirage G4(2023), Montero Sport (2023), Outlander (4250B668), Outlander Sport (4250B668), Pajero (4250B668), Pajero Sport Edition (4250B668), Strada(2023), Triton(2023)
Saic Maxus: V70(2023), EV80(TP3040001/TP3040050)
Subaru: BRZ(4260702090)
Tesla: Model X(2023)
Volvo: V60 Cross Country(31362304), V90 Cross Country(31362304)
HYUNDAI: Elantra (2023), Elantra Touring(529333N000), Elantra (Lead)(529333N100), Genesis GV60(2023), Genesis GV70(2023), i30 N(2023), ix25(52933C1100), ix25(52940BV100), Sonata (529333N100)
Chevrolet: Bolt(2023), Copacz (13581561), Corvette (13581560), Corvette (25758221), Corvette (13529771), Explorer (2023), Escalade ESV Trailer(2023), Escalade Trailer(2023), Hummer EV Trailer(2023), Silverado Trailer(22853740), Lez Trailer(13598772), Saberman Trailer(2023)
Faw Pentium: M9(2023), T77(2023)
Infiniti: ESQ wy0b (407006), the EX series (407001 ay0a), FX series (407001 ll0b ll0c / 407001/407001 ll0d), FX series (407001 ay0a), G series (407001 ay0a), M Series (40700JA00C), Q45(40700JA01B), Q60(407004GA0B), QX50(407001AY0A), QX70(407001LL0D), QX70(407001AY0A)
Chang 'an: CS35(3601010W10), CS35 PLUS(3601010BS01AA), CS55 PLUS(2023), CS75(3601010BB01), CS85(3601010MK01), CS95(3601010MK01),  CS95(3601010MK02), Escape (3601010BB01/3601010W10), Escape PLUS(2024), escape EV(3601010BS01AA), Auchan COS1°(3601010BB01/3601010W10), Auchan X70A(3601010MK51), Qiyuan A07(2023)
Great Wall: Weipai Blue Mountain (2023), Tank 400 PHEV(2023)
Zhengzhou Nissan: Ruiqi (HSE6150F)
Zhi Ji: LS6(2023)
Xiaopeng: G6(2023)

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