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TPMS Tool V6.08.004 Upgrade Announcement

1. Fix the universal series intelligent positioning function
2. Fix abnormal defects in OBD learning function of Haval Great Wall F5, F7, VV6 and other models
3. Fix the abnormal defects in the OBD learning functions of Starry Journey, Chasing the Moon, and Lingyun
4. Fix the abnormal diagnostic function of BAIC BJ40 and BJ40L
5. Fix the problem of abnormal high-frequency registration and learning of Infiniti M-series OBD
6. Fix the issue of abnormal OBD high-frequency registration learning for Lincoln Navigator
7. Fix Dongfeng Fengxing: SX6 tire pressure system communication failure defect
8. Fix Changan: Yidong PLUS, CS35 PLUS OBD learning failure defect
9. Fix the problem of abnormal diagnostic function in Roewe Kolewe
10. Fix the defect in the Porsche ID reading sensor function
11. Fix the issue of inaccurate public intelligent positioning
12. Fix abnormal issues with GAC Trumpchi service functionality
13. Fix defects in BYD Song Plus EV OBD learning function
14. Fix defects in Tengshi X OBD learning function
15. Fix the OBD learning function defect of Hongqi H7
16. Fix Toyota ID registration service function
17. Fix the issue with Toyota's dominant Prado OBD learning main and auxiliary wheels
18. Fix defects in GAC Toyota IA5 OBD learning function
19. Fix defects in the OBD learning function of Mitsubishi Qizhi PHEV
20. Fix Geely: Defect in OBD learning function for Emgrand Gse, Jiaji PHEV, Binyue, and Binyue Pro
21. Fix the defect in the Lincoln MKX service function writing tire pressure nominal value process
22. New Dongfeng Fengguang: OBD learning function for 580Pro
23. Newly added BAIC New Energy: EC3, EU5 Plus OBD learning function
24. New Jianghuai Sihao sensor ID reading function added
25. New Tengshi X PHEV OBD learning function added
26. Newly added diagnostic functions for Dongfeng Xiaokang C36 and EC36
27. New Toyota BZ3 OBD learning function added
28. New Red Flag H5 OBD learning function added
29. Added support for tire pressure maintenance function for the following vehicle models:
Abbas: 124 Spad (BHB637140)
Acura: ILX (42753T3RA02)
BAIC New Energy: EU7 (2023)
Beijing Automotive: BJ40 (2023), Rubik's Cube (2023)
Baojun: Yueye (2023)
Huachen Zhonghua: V6 (TP3040002)
Buick: Verano (2023), GL6 (26689967/26213475/26334612)
BYD: Dolphin (2023), Han DM-i (2023)
Cadillac: Cadillac ESV (22853740)
Chang'an: Auchan A600 (2023), Ruicheng PLUS (2023), UNI-V (2023)
Chery: Airuize 6 (2023), Oumengda (2023), Ruihu 4 Pr
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