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What are the characteristics of tire pressure monitoring devices?

TPMS is a tire pressure real-time monitoring system "Tire Pressure Monitoring System" in English abbreviation, mainly used for real-time in the car when the tire pressure to automatically monitor the tire air leakage and low pressure alarm to protect traffic safety, is Motorists, motorists of life safety and security early warning system.
In the process of high-speed vehicles, tire failure is the most worried about all drivers and the most difficult to prevent, but also an important reason for sudden traffic accidents. According to statistics, occurred in the highway traffic accidents are 70% to 80% is due to puncture caused. How to prevent the puncture has become an important topic of safe driving. TPMS is an effective means of scientific explosion-proof and early warning.
The TPMS system consists of two main components: a remote tire pressure monitoring module mounted on an automobile tire and a central monitor (LCD / LED display) mounted on the vehicle's bridge. Directly mounted in each tire, the tire pressure and temperature module is measured and the measured signal is modulated and transmitted through high-frequency radio waves (RF). A car or van TPMS system has 4 or 5 (including spare tire) TPMS monitoring module, a truck with 8 ~ 36 TPMS monitoring module. The central monitor receives the signal from the TPMS monitoring module and displays the pressure and temperature data of each tire on the screen for reference by the driver. If the tire pressure or temperature anomalies, the central monitor according to the abnormal situation, an alarm signal to remind the driver to take the necessary measures.
As the tire tires are now mostly no inner vacuum tire, therefore, TPMS tire pressure monitoring module installed in the tire is very convenient and easy, but the car running at high speed when the tire environment and temperature is very bad , Pressure, temperature, humidity change is particularly large, so the design of the module according to the requirements of military-grade products to use components, according to the requirements of industrial products to develop production technology, but it is a wide range of automotive general safety products , According to consumer electronics products to pricing.
Tire pressure monitoring module consists of five parts: 1. With pressure, temperature, acceleration, voltage detection and signal processing ASIC chip smart sensor MCM. 2. 8-16 bit microcontrollers (MCU). 3. RF RF transmitter chip. 4. Lithium sub-battery. 5. Antenna. Shell selected high-strength ABS plastic. All devices, materials must meet the -40 ℃ ~ +125 ℃ operating temperature range.
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