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What are the benefits of a tire pressure monitoring system?

1, to prevent accidents
Tire pressure monitoring system is a kind of active safety equipment, it can be dangerous signs in time when the tire warning to remind the driver to take appropriate measures to avoid a serious accident.
2, to extend the tire life
With the tire pressure monitoring system, we can always keep the tires are at the required pressure, temperature range of work, thereby reducing tire damage, extend tire service life. Data show that when the tire pressure is running, when the wheel pressure decreased by 10% than normal, tire life is reduced by 15%
3, so that traffic is more economical
When the tire pressure is too low, it will increase the contact area of ​​the tire and the ground, thereby increasing the friction resistance, when the tire pressure is lower than 30% of the standard gas pressure, fuel consumption will rise 10%.
4, can reduce the wear of the suspension system
When the tire pressure is too high, it will reduce the damping effect of the tire itself, thus increasing the burden on the vehicle damping system. Long-term use will cause great harm to the engine chassis and suspension system. If the tire pressure is uneven, Resulting in brake deviation, thereby increasing the wear of the suspension system.
Introduction of Tire Intelligent Monitoring System (TPMS)
"TPMS" is the vehicle tire pressure monitoring system "Tire Pressure Monitoring System," the abbreviation of the form, that is what we call the direct tire pressure monitoring system. The TPMS was first used as a vocabulary in July 2001. The US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), in response to the US Congress's requirement to install TPMS legislation on vehicles, united the existing two tire pressure monitoring System (TPMS), and to confirm the superior performance and accurate monitoring capabilities of the direct TPMS. As a result, the TPMS Tire Intelligent Monitoring System, as one of the three safety systems of automobiles, is widely recognized and deserved attention together with the automobile airbag and the anti-lock braking system (ABS).
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