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The importance of maintaining normal tire pressure

Tire damage is too high
A. Tire friction, adhesion will be reduced, affecting the braking effect;
B. Cause the steering wheel vibration, deviation, so that driving comfort reduced;
C. To accelerate the tire tread central pattern of local wear and tear, so that under the tire life Long;
D. The vibration of the body larger, indirectly affect the life of other parts;
E. Tire cord will be subjected to excessive stretching deformation, decreased carcass elasticity, so that the car in the load by the increase;
F. And the rolling resistance decreased. When encountered in the road nails, glass and other sharp objects, it is easy to tie into the tires, the impact will have a crack and blasting, resulting in puncture.
Tire damage is too low
A. The coefficient of friction with the road will increase, fuel consumption increased;
B. Cause the steering wheel is very heavy, easy to run and other adverse driving safety factors;
C. To increase the amount of movement of various parts of the tire, excessive rolling caused by abnormal tire heat;
D. Cords and rubber to make the function of the lower, causing delamination or cords broken and excessive friction between the rim caused by the bead part of the damage, abnormal wear and tear;
E. Tire friction with the ground multiplied, tire temperature increased sharply, the tire becomes soft, a sharp decline in strength. Vehicles at high speed, it may lead to tire;
F. Tire pressure is too low will increase the deformation of the carcass, the sidewall prone to cracks, while producing flexion movement, resulting in excessive heat, to promote rubber aging, ply fatigue, broken cord, tire contact area will increase , Accelerated shoulder wear.
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