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Auto ignition is not exactly equal to an explosion

In action movies in Hollywood, common to the scene: the flames from the accident car leap out of the engine compartment, a while, with a loud burst sound, the whole car into a sea of ​​fire. But in fact, this is just a film stunts, although contrary to the actual situation, but the producers of this brilliant fireworks blasting technology as a box office guarantee.
The car does not explode immediately after a fire, unless there is an explosive in it. The design of the car in the film after the scene of intense explosion of burning in this "dereliction of duty". This false picture deprives the potential first-of-the-field rescue personnel of the rescue act that may be taken, and the casualty will lose the opportunity to be rescued in extremely dangerous circumstances. When the car into the flames, we still have a few minutes to self-help or the implementation of rescue. Most of the time the fire spread is very slow, from the beginning of the fire to the car completely into the flames, will last about 8 minutes. And after burning for 6 minutes, the temperature inside the cabin suddenly increased, and more than 100 degrees.
At any time, please remember to call 119 alarm, and the use of vehicle fire extinguisher for active assistance. A fire extinguisher is a must-carry device. If it is dry powder fire extinguishers, it is best to go to the local fire equipment store once a year to check whether the dry powder agglomeration, to provide jet power built-in nitrogen bottle pressure is down. Use a fire extinguisher near the source of fire (most of the fire source is the engine compartment), the hood open a gap, and then in the engine room for several short-term fire extinguishing. The hood can not be opened completely, and the fire burns more because it gets more oxygen, which may cause a mild explosion. If the fire extinguisher can not control the fire, as soon as possible away from the scene, and wait for the rescue of fire professionals.
So how did car fires take place? Most of the auto ignition is due to the technical defects of the engine, such as overheated engine parts, spark generation, line short-circuit or fuel leakage. In addition, car fires are not common types of accidents, only about 3% of all accidents will develop into a fire. Two-thirds of all fires occur in cars older than six years or six years, often due to the inevitable avoidance of regular car maintenance. These years of vehicles in the summer long high temperature conditions, more likely to bring hidden dangers. In addition to fixed maintenance and maintenance, long-term vehicles should also be on the way to rest, and choose a cool parking location, to prevent prolonged exposure.
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