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The main categories of tire pressure monitoring systems

Tire pressure monitoring system referred to as "TPMS", is "tire pressure monitoring system" abbreviation. This technology can record tire speed or electronic sensors installed in the tire, the tire of the various real-time automatic monitoring of conditions, can provide effective security for travel.
Tire pressure monitoring system can be divided into two types: one is the indirect tire pressure monitoring system, through the tire speed difference to determine whether the tire is abnormal; the other is a direct tire pressure monitoring system, through the tire inside the installation of four Tire pressure monitoring sensors, in the car at rest or running tire pressure and temperature in real-time automatic monitoring, and tire high pressure, low pressure, high temperature alarm in a timely manner to avoid tire failure caused by traffic accidents to ensure traffic safety.
Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Indirect tire pressure monitoring system, also known as WSBTPMS, WSBTPMS need to ABS by car ABS wheel speed sensor to compare the difference between the speed of the tire in order to achieve the purpose of monitoring tire pressure. ABS wheel speed sensor to determine whether the wheel lock, to decide whether to start anti-lock system. When the tire pressure is reduced, the weight of the vehicle will make the tire diameter becomes smaller, the speed will change. Speed ​​changes will trigger the WSB alarm system, which reminds the owner of tire pressure tire. Therefore, indirect TPMS is a passive TPMS.
Direct tire pressure monitoring system
Direct tire pressure monitoring system, also known as PSBTPMS, PSBTPMS is the use of pressure sensors installed on the tire to measure tire pressure and temperature, the use of wireless transmitter pressure information from the tire to send to the central receiver module system, and then The tire pressure data is displayed. When the tire pressure, low pressure, high temperature, the system will alert the owner. And the owner can root models, car habits, geographical position to set the tire pressure alarm range and temperature alarm value. Therefore, TPMS is a direct type of active TPMS.
System comparison
The direct system can provide more advanced functions, at any time to determine the actual instantaneous pressure inside each tire, it is easy to determine the fault tire. Indirect systems are relatively low-cost, and are already equipped with four-wheel ABS (each wheel equipped with a wheel speed sensor) of the car only to upgrade the software. However, the indirect system has no direct system accuracy, it can not determine the fault tire at all, and the system calibration is extremely complex, in some cases the system will not work properly, such as the same axle 2 tire pressure is low.
There is also a compound TPMS, which combines the advantages of the two systems described above, which are equipped with direct sensors in two pairs of diagonal tires and equipped with a four-wheel indirect system. This hybrid system can reduce the cost and overcome the disadvantage that the indirect system can not detect a plurality of tires while the air pressure is too low, as compared with using the direct system altogether. However, it still does not provide real-time data on the actual pressure in all four tires as in a direct system.
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